6. Managing the content

In the Joomla page screen you have two views. First view is the sidebar, left of the screen: 



Here you can navigate between you Joomla and K2 categories. By single-click on a category, the articles of the articles appears in the second view, the article-view: 

Here in the article view you can see the articles of the selected category. On top of the view, you can see an article filter, where you can filter the articles by Published state, Featured state, Access, Language and Author. By clicking the \\\"Keep filter\\\" checkbox the filters you have selected will be keept permanent. Right to the filter you see the \\\"New button\\\", by clicking this button you can create new articles. Below you find the article datagrid, which has the following columns:

1. Title column: Here you can see the articles title.

2. Ordering column: Here you can see the order of the columns. This field is editable, so you can enter a new order for you articles.

3. Featured column: Here you can see if an article has featured state.

4. Published column: Here you can see if an article is published, the published state depends also on the publish up and down times.

5. Language column: If the article is configured as an specific language, an language-flag appears.

6. Status column: Shows the actual status of an article. There are three status icons:

This icon says that this article is new and needs upload.


This icon says that this article has been changed and needs upload.


This icons says that this article has been trashed. On next upload this article will be trashed.

 7. Select column: Here with this checkbox you can select multiple articles to edit them at the at the same time. If you have selected the internal editor, the articles will be shown side-by-side in the editor window, which is very comfortable to edit multilanguage content. If you have selected an external editor application and you have selected mutliple articles, the selected articles will all be opened in the external editor.

8. Edit column: By clicking this button the editor-application will be started, etiher the internal or external editor application, depending on what you have selected.

9. Change column: By clicking this button, the \\\"Change article options\\\" view appears, where you can change the article options.

10. Trash column: By clicking this button, the selected article will be trashed. By clicking again the article will be untrashed. If the article is a new article and has not been uploaded yet, a dialog appears asking you if you want to delete the selected item. If you confirm the article will be deleted.