DCM Desktop Content Manager v1.04 is an extension for Joomla and Wordpress which let’s you edit your website-content from an Windows desktop client software with an html editor of your choice. It is very easy to use and has many features which make editing website-content much more easier and comfortable. DCM has two components, first one is the DCM webservice which is installed in your Joomla or Wordpress site and who transports the articles to your desktop. Second one is the DCM desktop application for Windows Vista/7/8. With the DCM desktop application you can :

Ø Up and download Joomla and K2 articles from your Joomla-site. You can insert new articles, trash articles or edit the article content and options like published options, ordering, featured state, access level, language.

Ø Manage Wordpress posts,pages,media and comments, the same way as in the admin-interface of Wordpress.

Ø When you edit content you can choose between the build in html editor or an external html-Editor. You can use every editor-application which is html-capable like Winword, Open-Office,Webmatrix, Phase 5, Eclipse.

Ø When you edit Joomla content you can configure that DCM scans the content for images stored on your local harddrive. When you upload the content and DCM founds images the images will be automatically uploaded to your Joomla-site and the image url-tag will be replaced with the url of the image on your Joomla-site.

Ø When you edit the Joomla content with the built-in html editor, you will have additional features. With the build-in editor you can edit 2-3 articles side-by-side in an editor window, which is very comfortable for multilinguale sites to translate articles. The build-in editor has also the capability to translate articles with the Microsoft Translator API. To use this feature you must obtain an API-Key from Microsoft Azure marketplace.

Ø DCM is mulitlingual and available in english and german. If you want a translation in your language, feel free to contact me and i will give you detailed steps, how to make an translation.

Ø DCM is licensed under GPL v2 or later.